More Songs Posted

I realized today that I have not posted any new song lyrics in quite awhile. As the Songs page gets more traffic than anything else on my site, it makes sense to post some new lyrics from time to time. So if you check the Songs page you will find four songs that weren’t there yesterday:

The Chesepeake and the Shannon
Lost Jimmy Whalen
A Maid I Am In Love
The Murder of Maggie Howie

Also, I have put links after some of the lyrics to Youtube posts and midi files so you can learn the tunes. Some songs (e.g., Four Strong Winds) are so well known I didn’t bother, but you can find them easily. There were a few for which I could not find anything. I will have to get those recorded myself.

My problem with so many of the Youtube versions is that they tend to be too fancy. Most of these folk songs sound best done simply, to my ears. In any case, enjoy singing them for yourself!



About Maura Volante

Maura Volante is a talented and experienced performer. Although she has written many songs over the years, her main focus these days is traditional folk songs. These are songs that have stood the test of time and have an enduring quality that speaks directly and clearly to the human experience. They also tell us about our history. Because these songs are not commonly sung in these post-folk-revival times in which folk music generally means singer-songwriter material, Maura has taken on the project of helping to keep this valuable material alive. Her specialty is Canadian folk songs, but she knows many songs from the British Isles and the USA as well. All her concerts and other programs are designed with group singing in mind. Whether in a concert, a tour, a social gathering, a classroom, a festival or a conference hall, Maura creates an encouraging atmosphere, relaxed and inclusive. She uses her strong voice and facilitation techniques to bring out the best possible music with these voices in this moment. Maura firmly believes that everyone can sing and, moreover, that everyone has a right to sing and be part of group singing activities, without judgement or criticism. No matter what the various skill levels of participants may be in any group singing activity, it always sounds good in a group, because the voices naturally attune with each other. Maura also teaches and calls contra dancing and simpler forms of traditional dancing suitable for all ages, often incorporating group singing into the dancing through the use of play party songs, which are sung by the whole group as they dance.
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