Maura & Ranald September 22 poster 25.08.17Maura Volante & Ranald Thurgood

Friday, September 22, 2017
7:30 – 9:00 pm (doors open at 7)

950 Bank Street, Ottawa
The Glebe Centre Community Programs at
Abbotsford House
(the old stone house across from Lansdowne)

$10 at the door*

Maura Volante & Ranald Thurgood are partners in life and in music (including producing the Log Drive Café), but they have yet to do a show on their own, just the two of them. They are taking this opportunity in September, to open the sixth season of the Log Drive Café. There is no particular theme to this show; it will be an eclectic mix of songs from Canada, the British Isles and the U.S. As always, the audience will be joining in heartily on the choruses.

Maura Volante brings a lifelong passion for traditional folk music and a deep commitment to engaging others in singing. Her voice is powerful, yet lyrical and nuanced, whether she is leading her audiences through long ballads or belting out shanties and other fun chorus songs. She will be bringing her piano to this show, to accompany some of the songs and play a tune or two. Maura performs from time to time for various gatherings, and is a regular at Folk at the Oak, a monthly open stage event.

Ranald Thurgood is well known to regulars of the Log Drive Café for his rousing voice and deep knowledge of folk songs and folk traditions. He knows many songs ranging from ancient ballads to comical ditties, and presents them with added information about their origins to provide context. For this show he’ll also bring out his fiddle and his mandolin. Ranald is also a regular singer at Folk at the Oak.

The Log Drive Café is a traditional music venue, held on occasional Friday evenings, featuring local and visiting folk singers and musicians in a coffee-house setting, in which the audience is welcome to sing along.

Tea, coffee, cold drinks and baked goods are available.

Abbotsford House is a wheelchair accessible recreation centre focused on older adults; however, the Log Drive Café is an all-ages event.

If it is wet out, please bring indoor shoes to protect the floor.

*If $10 is a hardship for you, offer what you can and we will take it.

This information is also on the Log Drive Café website:

Contact Maura Volante with further questions: • 613 277 9208
Or call Abbotsford House: 613 230 5730


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