Valley Songs at the Log Drive Café

Charlie&Maura pic

Maura Volante & Charlie Gardner

Friday, April 22, 2016
7:30 – 9:00 pm (doors open at 7)
950 Bank Street, Ottawa
The Glebe Centre Community Programs at
Abbotsford House
(the old stone house across from Lansdowne)

The Ottawa Valley is a rich source of folk songs, from both sides of the river. Maura Volante and Charlie Gardner bring you a fine selection of these in English and French, plus a few from other places as well.

Maura Volante, one of the organizers of the Log Drive Café, has a fine singing voice and interesting repertoire of traditional folk songs. In this show she will focus on songs of this area in both English and French, including several about the log drives which gave this coffeehouse its name. Some are plaintive and tragic; others are lively and jolly. Many are unaccompanied in the old traditional style, while others will be performed with guitar accompaniment by Charlie.

Charlie Gardner is a well-known local peformer, singing and playing guitar and harmonica at coffeehouses and sessions around town for many years. He has a lot of songs in his repertoire by Mac Beattie, Ronnie Trudeau and Doug Corrigan, as well as some traditional songs.

The Log Drive Café is a traditional music venue, held on occasional Friday evenings, featuring local and visiting folk singers and musicians in a coffee-house setting, in which the audience is welcome to sing along.

Tea, coffee, cold drinks and baked goods are available.

Abbotsford House is a wheelchair accessible recreation centre focused on older adults; however, the Log Drive Café is an all-ages event.

Please bring indoor shoes as no outdoor footwear is permitted in the performance space.

This information is also on the website:

Contact Maura Volante with further questions: • 613 277 9208
Or call Abbotsford House: 613 230 5730

Here’s a poster you can download in either colour or black and white:

Valley Songs Apr 22 24.03.16

Valley Songs Apr 22 bw 24.03.16



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Email maura dot volante at gee mail dot com and to get on the list.

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