Sing Here Now poster for June. 27.03.17

Sing Here Now

A vocal improvisation session

Trying to be 1st Sunday of the month, but skipping some months
Next session
June 4 2017
2 – 4 pm
Royal Oak Pub at the Pretoria Bridge, upstairs

Sing Here Now is a new session hosted by Maura Volante, providing an opportunity for recreational singing. Like any session in the folk community, people listen to each other’s offerings and participate if they wish. However, instead of fiddle tunes or folk songs, the focus of this session is improvised singing. Although many people associate improvisation with jazz, there is no style requirement for Sing Here Now. One piece might sound like folk music, another could sound like noise, while another may slide into a funky groove. Maura is prepared to provide such guidance as may be necessary to help create a wonderful musical experience together, while encouraging others to lead as well.


Maura Volante is best known as a folk singer, specializing in traditional Canadian folk songs. But she also has a lot of experience with improvisational singing, both as participant and as leader. Her first improv experiences were in Vancouver in the 1990s, working with Rhiannon, Laurel Murphy and other fine improvisers. Here in Ottawa, Maura organized Oya, a vocal improvisation group that met weekly for several years. In recent years, Maura joined ad hoc groups led by Phil Minton from England and Christine Duncan from Toronto.

Sing Here Now was supposed to meet every month on the 1st Sunday, from 2 to 4 pm. However, there are some months in which it is impossible to do it, so check the website for up-to-date information.

Attendance is free and open to all. Everyone’s voice is welcome but no one is required to participate. No expertise required. Just show up. The rest will flow.



Get on the email list to receive information directly about coming events.
Email maura dot volante at gee mail dot com and to get on the list.

One Response to Events

  1. HelenGlover says:

    Will try to come Maura, just not sure when I’ll be available. Sounds great. Good
    for you! Helen

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